Frequently Asked Questions

What does your company do?

Eagle Asset Recovery specializes in locating and recovering unclaimed funds being held by government agencies, banks, corporations, insurance companies and more. We then contact the rightful owner to help them recover those funds and get it back into their pocket.

Where does this money come from?

The money comes from government agencies and institutions that hold this money in escrow accounts, and after several years (depending on the law for each state), they will be able to keep the money if you do not process a claim for the funds.

In what areas do we work?

We regularly audit government agencies and institutions throughout the entire country for unclaimed funds belonging to private citizens.

How did you find me?

When we discover unclaimed assets, we use various research and skip tracing methods, as well as internet searches, to locate the rightful owner.

How do I start the recovery process?

Contact by phone or email and a representative will discuss your claim in more detail and send the paperwork out to you to be signed. Once we receive all the paperwork back, then we will put your claim package together and file it with the proper agency within 48 hours. We will keep you informed throughout the entire process until the money is in your hands.

Where is my claim being held and how much is it?

Since we don’t charge an upfront fee, it is our policy to not disclose the location of the funds until an agreement is signed. Once our contingency fee agreement is signed, we will gladly disclose the location of the funds.

Why do I need to use your company to find my money?

The government agencies that are holding the funds don’t post these online and will not show up in an internet search. There are state websites that list unclaimed funds but these are not the funds that we have discovered. If you don’t use a professional service like ours and try to find it yourself, there is a slim chance you will find it on your own.

Does Eagle Assets Recovery charge a fee to file the claim?

We never charge any upfront fees. We absorb all the costs associated with filing the claim and recovering the funds. We only get paid when we successfully recover the money. If we cannot recover the funds, which is uncommon, then it costs you nothing. We get paid from a portion of the funds recovered with the client getting the lion’s share.

How long does the whole process take to receive the money?

Each government agency or institution has different procedures and timelines. Depending on the agency and the type of claim, it can take as little as 10 days from the filing date to receive the funds or it can take up to 90 days.


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